Learn Hand Lettering

Hey friend!

Over the years, I’ve been teaching lettering to artists and hobbyist like yourself and answered countless questions about the process for creating beautiful lettering artworks and how to make a living as a lettering artist.

Hand lettering is a beautiful art but requires a lot of practice and even investing in a good class to take your skills to the next level. If you are like me, I like learning by observing, experimenting and asking questions to a teacher that I’m inspired by.

I’m often asked where to go to learn hand lettering. That’s why I’ve developed a few different workshops for people who love drawing letters and teamed up with local creative spaces to host the classes here in Tampa Bay. The spaces provide a learning environment and give us a platform to share our passion and craft, while growing a community.

My workshops are perfect for all levels, whether you’re just starting out or expanding your current skill set.

In class, we focus on following a solid process to transform your initial lettering concepts into a well-shaped, exquisite piece of lettering. I share all the essentials and walk you through my creative process, step-by-step, so you can create beautiful pieces of work.

The class will teach you fundamentals to secure the foundation of your lettering journey. You’ll learn about the basic art supplies and tools for hand lettering, how to draw different lettering styles and tips and tricks for creating your own. We’ll break down the elements and process to sketch out interesting layouts and compositions. You’ll discover how to add flourishes to your lettering and even illustrative decorations. Finally I’ll show you different methods for refining your work.

The workshops are all about being positive and having fun while learning the beauty of hand Lettering! I have tailored my workshop for you not to only learn a new hobby, but also to give you a foundation that you can confidently build your craft upon.

Workshops includes all supplies and will be yours to keep. Space is limited. Registration in advance is required.

Ready to Learn Hand Lettering?
Check out the dates below to learn more about the upcoming sessions!


Chalk Lettering


The Art of Lettering

  • Sat, February 9 at The Paper Seahorse

  • To Be Announced at Whim So Doodle
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I would definitely recommend taking one of the art workshops offered by Leo Gomez. He teaches material in a very accessible way, open to all levels and ages of artists. Friendly personality, great at critique and live demonstrations.

The class focused on drawing with pencils, breaking down the alphabet in different types of lettering styles, in both lower and uppercase. The class exercises really improved my script and through the use of tracing paper and a few tips and tricks presented in the handouts, my lettering and layout skills have boosted to a new level.

I also attended the chalk lettering workshop. Leo revealed us to his process for doing chalk art, introduced new drawing materials and surfaces such as these awesome, game changing, liquid chalk markers. 

Since taking these two classes, seeking advice and learning from another artist's expertise, the experience has helped me gain confidence, new satisfied clients, faster project completion times, and to be more conscious of selecting the right lettering styles for different occasions.

I highly recommend Leo’s teaching skills for all your lettering needs.

– James Eric Hartzell