Hand Painted Signs for Wings Bookstore &
Coffee Bar

Services: Wood signs construction, sign design, hand lettering, hand painted signage.

Wings, is a St. Pete based bookstore and coffee bar with a focus on creating unique experiences, offering health and spirituality books, classes and serving delicious coffee, tea & smoothies.

Pat Colacchio, manager of the coffee bar commissioned me to create 5 hand painted signs to hang on the shop's outside patio. The goal was to provide a large a visual and promote their products and services. The signs needed to be easy to read and communicate the message clearly. They needed to engage with the drivers and pedestrians of the busy street where the shop is located. The signs face the north and south of the shop, attracting traffic from both directions. This signage adds to the unique character of shop and hints at the great experiences that await inside.

The signs were hand painted on wood with custom hand lettering and a hint of vintage style. In addition to the lettering, the Kahwa Coffee logo was also hand painted. 

Next time you're in the St. Pete area, be sure to swing by Wings Bookstore and Coffee bar and sample the delicious goodies these folks have to offer. Cheers!☕️


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