Vibal Yoga Brand Identity - Case Study

Client: Vibal Yoga

Industry: Yoga, Fitness, Apparel. 

Services: Brand development, hand lettering, logo design, icon design, custom typography, secondary marks, logo guidelines.



Logo design and branding for Vibal Yoga – A lifestyle brand aiming to inspire Yogis worldwide to step on the mat, practice and love their yoga journey. The brief asked us to give the Vibal Yoga brand a new visual identity, which included a custom logo design, emblem, secondary logos and badges, typography and fonts, patterns, and photography inspiration. Our goal was to make the brand look special, organic, and natural with a focus on uniqueness and hand drawn characteristics. It was essential to capture the tribal spirit, and attract both Yogis and Yoginis by using unique elements in an artful and minimal way.

We started off with a questionnaire to understand the client’s vision, project goals, expectations, and every aspect of the brand. Each of the value-discovering questions gave insights and provided us with the information needed to craft a visual identity that is unique to the brand. The Vibal Yoga name was created by combining the words “Vibes + Tribal.” Vibal Yoga believes in supporting the typical Yogi, by providing the maximum quality, innovative and on-trend yoga mats, clothing, and props. The brand is warm, friendly and inviting. Vibal Yoga is committed to create eco-friendly and naturally made products, therefore a hand crafted identity and style was appropriate.

The entire brand identity was hand-drawn, with type treatments that carry hand lettering characteristics. Our goal was to instill a particular human aspect as a subtle connection between the products and the consumer. 


The logo was created based on the font, Jonesy, by the designer, Ksenia Belobrova. The unique and funky characteristics of the font fit the brand seamlessly. I love the soft, organic shapes and realistic connections. It almost feels like the font is practicing Yoga!

 During the design process, I carefully adjusted the font by hand drawing it over and over again and making small modifications during this process. Some letterforms were completely redesigned to help with the flow of the design. I aimed to strengthen the visibility and made sure the letterforms were legible when the scale shifts. It was essential for the logo to look great on all Vibal Yoga products.


The Vibal Yoga Emblem

During our initial conversation with Micah DeYoung, founder of Vibal Yoga, we talked about creating an emblem for the brand to represent the brand’s core values, mission, and qualities. I used our planet as the central inspiration for creating the design, by incorporating unique elements with strong meanings for the brand. The design is simple, yet very powerful and functional.

The emblem gave the brand an underlay theme, creating a positive brand association while communicating the brand’s conscious message – To bring you quality sustainable products and support your Yoga practice, while doing good deeds for the planet.


Additional Branding Work

As part of the brand identity, I created four secondary logo badges, a 6-tone color palette, and provided typefaces, fonts, patterns, photography inspiration and a fully designed brand guidelines book.

Secondary Logos and submarks


Product Mock-ups


Typography and Fonts

Clean geometric typefaces and hand-drawn fonts were licensed to Vibal Yoga. These unique fonts add that loose organic vibe and range in different styles keeping the brand flexible and creative. 

Photo by: ©Evgenij Pavlovich  

Photo by: ©Evgenij Pavlovich

Color Palette, Icons and Patterns


Photography Art Direction


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