Dedicated to the craft of hand-painted signs, custom lettering and mural painting, I offer the benefit of ultimate expression of authenticity and humanity with quality and attractive hand-crafted signage, murals and design.



Hand Painted Logo Sign for Dream Center of Tampa 

Hand painted sign for Dream Center of Tampa – A community center offering programming in education, sports, life skills and the arts for the local youth. I was commissioned to hand paint their logo sign on the front of the building entrance. The sign was hand painted using 4 colors on a brick+cement texture and it measures aprox 30ft long.



Custom hand painted sign for SOS's greeting cards section in the store. This 3layered design features a bright, bold & fun look and invites customers to buy cards.View Project >

signage for wings Bookstore/Coffee bar

Five (5) hand painted signs for Wings Bookstore. The goal was to provide a large a visual and promote the coffee shop and their products and services. View Project >

hand painted mural for the bikery

The Bikery, a bicycle and coffee shop in downtown St. Pete, commissioned me to hand paint their logo in form of mural on the entrance door to the building. View Project >


An epic logo design and hand painted signage for The Kimono Cart - an apparel brand and small business based in St. Petersburg, FL. View Project >

hand painted A-FRAME SIGN FOR brick street farms

Logo + Tagline hand painted A-Frame street sign for Brick Street Farms - A commercial hydroponic farm located in St. Pete. View Project>


HANDcrafted SIGN FOR Mini doughnut factorY

Hand painted logo sign for Mini Doughnut Factory. This handcrafted sign was painted on wood in a cogwheel form and hangs proudly in the store. View Project >

Hand Painted Sign for Burder Creative

Custom hand painted logotype signage for Burder Creative - a design consultancy studio located in Tampa, FL. The signs was handcrafted in wood. View Project >

Leo-gomez-body-electric-hand-crafted sign.jpg

Handcrafted signs for Body Electric

Custom signs for The Body Electric Yoga. The signs hang above the door entrance in each room (sky and earth). The handcrafted signs were made using several techniques for an authentic & vintage look. View Project >

hand painted signs for Love food central

LFC cafe in downtown St. Pete, commissioned me to paint a few signs around the cafe. We wanted the signs to go with the cafe vibe- fun, happy and caring. View Project >


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