Hand-painted signs that make your business stand out with an inspiring design, colors and unique lettering.



Hand Painted Sign for Pelican Point Seafood Market

Rooftop signage for the Pelican Point Seafood Market in Tarpon Springs, FL. The sign was custom designed with an attractive layout and vintage lettering. The project focused on creating a fresh look for the market and new experience for the customers while keeping their authentic personality. The sign was hand painted with bright and bold colors for and impactful look, it includes ornaments and the business logo.

Hand Painted Sign for BOyd Construction

Hand painted signage for Boyd Construction HQ in the Warehouse District of St. Pete, FL. The lettering was designed and painted across the facade, giving the building a clean and bold look.

hand painted sign and lettering for

Hand painted sign for Marions in St.Pete. The design was inspired by vintage styles of lettering representing the boutique personality. Achieves a sense of authenticity and contributes to the beautiful neighborhood.

Hand Painted Logo Sign for
Dream Center of Tampa 

Logo sign on the facade of the Dream Center of Tampa. The sign was hand painted using traditional sign painting techniques with colored shadows, painted with 4-colors on stone and concrete texture, measuring aprox 35ft long.

Storefront hand painted logo signage and lettering for wild roots 

Hand painted logo sign on the facade of Wild Roots - A plant store located in the Grand Central Dist of St.Pete Fl. The sign was hand painted using traditional sign painting techniques, painted with 2 colors on shiplap wood.


Mini doughnut factorY

Hand painted logo sign for Mini Doughnut Factory. This handcrafted sign was painted on wood in a cogwheel form and hangs proudly in the store.


Hand Painted Sign for Hollander Hotel 

Hand painted sign for Hollander Hotel in Downtown St. Petersburg, FL. The sign was designed with an attractive layout, vintage lettering, carefully handcrafted to fit the hotel's character and personality.


Hand Painted Sign for
pelican sign seafood market

The sign was custom designed with a clean and modern look, featuring their best seller items. Hand painted with vintage lettering styles representing the market’s character and personality.

Hand Painted Sign for RADIUS CHURCH 

Hand painted sign for the home of Radius Church in Downtown St. Petersburg, FL. The sign was custom designed with an eye catching look, featuring block lettering and colored shadows and incorporating branded design elements like the church logo and color palette.

hand painted signs for wings Bookstore/Coffee bar

Five (5) hand painted signs for Wings Bookstore. The goal was to provide a large a visual and promote the coffee shop and their products and services.


Custom hand painted sign for the greeting cards section in the store. This 3 layered design features a bold & fun look and invites customers to buy cards.

Hand Painted Typography Vision Board for metrolife church

Custom hand painted typography vision board for MetroLife Church, combines powerful words to describe their values, core beliefs and aspirations.

LOGO DESIGN &  hand painted SIGNAGE for

A beautiful hand lettered logo design and hand painted signage for The Kimono Cart - An apparel brand and small business based in St. Petersburg, FL. 

Hand Painted logo Sign for Burder Creative

Custom hand painted logotype signage for Burder Creative - A design consultancy studio located in Tampa, FL. The sign was handcrafted in wood and painted in 2 colors for a clean and professional look. 

Leo-gomez-body-electric-hand-crafted sign.jpg

Handcrafted signs for the Body Electric

Custom signs for The Body Electric Yoga. The signs hang above the entrance doors of each yoga room (sky and earth). The handcrafted signs were made using several techniques for an authentic & vintage look.


I reached out to Leo with an idea for a hand painted sign for my small business. I didn't really have a vision for the design, I just knew I wanted it to be fun, cute, and fit the vibe of my shop. Leo took inspiration from the shop and designed something I loved! He worked with my budget and delivered my sign in a timely manner. I hope I have an excuse to work with him again in the future! – Amy Marshall


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