Hand Painted Mural for Quickly Boba Cafe

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Hand painted mural for Quickly Boba Cafe in Tampa, FL.

When working on the design for this mural, I wanted to create a calm atmosphere and provide a sense of peace and well-being for the customers. I created a series of botanical art with the goal to create a pleasing and balanced energy and ultimately welcome everyone to a space of contentment. The botanical elements also add to the brand’s organic and conscious personality. 

Part of my client's idea for the mural was to include a quote customers could enjoy reading upon walking in the cafe, while having some tea with friends and to take photos with to share on social media, specially Instagram. We also wanted to mural to work as a backdrop for product placement, so the shop owners could take and share photos of their products like their teas and boba drinks in a fun a playful way. I ended up hand lettering a quote by Chaim Potok, I love how it fits the overall idea of creating a calm and balanced space for friends to enjoy my client’s tea products over a joyful conversation.

The mural included hand painting several florals, the Quickly Boba Cafe logo, the hand lettered quote and the University of South Florida logo. All these elements were hand painted in a monochromatic color palette, except for the Quickly Logo which was painted in 3 colors using one shot for brand recognition and to work as the focus point on the wall.

In addition to the mural, we worked on in-store signage, window lettering, and exterior signage.

Photography by: McNeile Photography


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Photography by: McNeile Photography

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