Frantz on Fitness Brand Identity

Client: Frantz on Fitness

Industry: Fitness

Services: Brand identity, logo design, website design and development, apparel design.


Frantz on fitness is an independent fitness business based in Louisville, KY owned by the trainer Kelly Frantz. After 10 years of experience as a personal trainer, Kelly wanted to create a new brand identity with the goal of representing his personal brand and help the growth and expansion of the business. The project included logotype, icon mark, badge, apparel and website design. 


Early on, we discussed in depth the identity of Frantz on Fitness as a company and the goals we wanted to achieve with the new design. The process included an in-depth questionnaire around the company’s values, characteristics, services, audience, strengths, long-term visions, and business approach, etc. The answers gave me a clear understanding of what Frantz on Fitness is and how the new identity should be perceived.

Frantz on Fitness believes in achieving fitness goals by focusing on the client’s needs and following the company’s holistic approach of training, exercise plan development and nutrition.

Sketch Development 

The first developed sketches featured a thick lettering style. With the overall direction down, I worked on creating a natural rhythm and ways to make it feel organic. This involved exploring different lettering styles like script vs. non-scripts and attention to more distinctive characteristics such as the pairing of “Ff” as opposed to “FF”. Also, a more pronounced playful style, smooth curves and extended swash to give the identity a friendly face and strong impression of quality, value and care. 


Digital Version

From there, the letters were redrawn for detailed refinement. The inked sketch was scanned, placed into Adobe Illustrator and manually traced using the pen tool to emphasize the personalized, custom drawn logo. I paid particular attention to letterform widths, spacing, and the natural rhythm throughout the design. Several revised versions of the vector were printed and tested for legibility and effectiveness. Frantz on Fitness’ new logo adapts to the growth of the company and establishes a solid foundation for expansion. The distinctive characteristics create an essential connection with his  audience, making a strong and memorable impression. 



Color Exploration

While testing how the logo will function in context and its known applications, I chose three colors (two shades of blue and gray) as the main color scheme. While these colors fit the new brand identity, I knew that the company’s vision and overall strategy demanded for more. At this stage, we talked about introducing a color system, rather than just having one version. This opened up many possibilities of brand innovation to build Frantz on Fitness into an active lifestyle brand capturing the essence of exercise development plans and nutrition. It was essential to build the identity with strong, vibrant colors to work well together with the friendly and unique lettering. We ultimately went with green and red as the additional colors, forming a palette of 5 colors.



It was important to create an icon mark for recognition and brand association. We imaged the icon to work on a series of applications such us website, exercise equipment, activewear, water bottles and social media. Using the stand alone “Ff’, I created a contained version of the icon. The size, spacing and position of the characters were adjusted to ensure the many uses and different functions. The simplicity of the mark was ideal, adapting perfectly to the broad color palette and representing the different areas of the brand. 



Shield & Apparel  

Kelly’s passion for his business and his dedicated members are more than a regular audience. His members have stories; they have goals, and they showed up year after year to succeed. We agreed they are superheroes—every superhero needs a shield. 

We developed the shield shape to maintain continuity between the logotype and mark. The shield was used to create t-shirts and promote the new brand identity and strong sense of drive, passion and motivation. The t-shirts are available for purchase.




Frantz on Fitness’s also needed a digital presence. I developed Kelly’s website using Squarespace – a friendly tool for creating modern sites. The brand new website was designed strategically to communicate his brand vision services and offerings. The website stood out with responsive grids, full width images and unique content. Providing current and new customers an alluring online experience. 


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