Hand-Lettered Shirt for Filmmakers Drinking Bourbon Podcast

Project Description: Brand Faris, host of the Filmmakers Drinking Bourbon podcast asked to create a custom hand-lettered shirt design for the Podcast. His goal was to produce t-shirts to gift to loyal listeners, use in giveaways, and open launch the Filmmakers Drinking Bourbon store. 

The design was created based on brush script lettering with original characteristics and edgy expression. the lettering was designed to attract and appeal to a youthful audience, filmmakers and like-minded individuals.

I created an in-depth case study showcasing the hand lettering and design process. You can read it here: Filmmakers Drinking Bourbon Case study.

About Filmmakers Drinking Bourbon: Filmmakers Drinking Bourbon is a laid back digital video and filmmaking podcast featuring production insight, movie reviews, and more all while discovering new bourbons. Alex Elkins is a freelance director of photography based in Cincinnati, OH. Brandon Faris is the director at LEAPframe digital film and motion design in Cincinnati, OH.