Farm to Baby Louisville Logo Design - Case Study

Client: Farm to Baby Louisville

Industry: Baby Food Market

Services: Logo design, icon design, custom typography, secondary marks, logo guidelines.


Farm to Baby Louisville is a small batch, baby food production company that focuses on handmade, organic and natural ingredients to produce healthy meals for babies. They reached out to me with the goal of creating a new logo to give a face to the business, reflect the handcrafted qualities in the design and to communicate the brand values. The new logo needed to propel this booming business forward.

First Steps

I created a questionnaire to understand every aspect of the business including the client’s vision, project goals and expectations. This gave me the knowledge I needed to craft a visual identity that is unique to the business. My preliminary research began with studying the company’s approach to producing great tasting baby food. This helped me develop ways to symbolize the company with a visual language. I studied the labels and packaging of natural products and illustration styles that are a bit simpler and not too complicated.

Logo Development Focus Areas

  • Making sure the design fits with the unique brand qualities and concepts.

  • Using quality design to give the company a special look and build a positive presence in the community, local markets and stores.

  • Combining design elements that tell Farm to Baby Louisville’s unique story including handcrafted typography, illustrations and supporting branding assets

Logo Design

Below is the final logo created for Farm to Baby Louisville. The approach was to create a design that feels handmade and organic. It’s something that will fit in at a farmers’ market AND inside at Trader Joes. The logo alludes to the fact that the product is for babies and is made with natural ingredients. It combines design elements that were strategically created to meet the original project goals.

The proposed design introduced an illustration of a heart shaped apple with a green leaf on top. This clever approach reflects the thoughtful considerations Farm to Baby Louisville employs when making the meals. The easily recognizable mark shows the love and care behind pairing simple, organic ingredients to create organic recipes.

The result? A healthy balance between professionalism and playfulness, while appealing to a conscious audience and creating a positive brand association.

The mark also creates opportunities for brand expansion, interest and versatility, which offers transparency and creates a connection with people’s mind and hearts.

The Farm to Baby wordmark was custom designed with unique hand lettering characteristics. The typography has a hint of brushed feeling and comes across as casual and friendly. It contains an organic style that is kind, gentle, and has an eye-catching appearance. Handcrafted type is a great way to humanize a brand. It moves the product away from feeling manufactured or processed. One big challenge we had was making sure the type was legible when printed on the small jar labels. For this reason, each letter character was carefully designed to work well at small sizes without loosing the hand drawn look. 

Submarks & Badge

The next step beyond creating the logo is to created submarks, or badges. I developed a simplified version of the logo to be used as a supplement when the entire logo is not needed. The submarks and badges are great to use in small spaces such as food packaging, social media and promotional items like tote bags, gifts, t-shirts, aprons, etc. These marks don’t replace the logo, but allow for flexibility within the brand.

See the examples below and you’ll find that they connect the primary logo, yet they allow for some play and the creation of additional brand assets. You can preview the full Brand Guidelines Document Here.



I had a blast working on this project with Andrea. Here is what she had to say about her new logo and working with me.

Leo was outstanding to work with from the first contact to after the project was completed. Leo is very passionate and unique as a designer. I was impressed by his ability to grasp our company needs and provide a logo that symbolizes our vision. We are a small batch, food producing company that will definitely work with Leo in the future. We recommend Leo to anyone looking for fresh ideas and designs. To sum it up in words, Leo represents reliability, great value and professional work ethic.

Andrea Wells — Founder of Farm to Baby Louisville

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