Live with Intention Free Wallpaper & Hand Lettering Design Process.


Often times in a year we set new goals, we sit down and write our wishes and dreams. We focus on change and becoming a better self. We trust ourselves and embrace the possibility to live our wildest dreams by setting intentions that carry us forward.

When I think about the word intention, for me it relates to destiny, it’s  having fate in yourself and what you wish to express in your life. Setting an Intention is envisioning how you would like to be, feel and to progress. 

Intentions can be as simple as a quality like “I want to be more happy” or “I want to be more courageous”. Or they could be a little bigger like “I want to start taking proactive steps to find a new job” or “I want to open my own design studio” Whatever it might be, your intentions have the power to change your journey and create anything you desire. 

There are many moments when doing things that we love sets our heart on fire, and it should. Intentions helps keep this motion, we are constantly focus and taking action on what is important, moving us closer to the goals we desire to accomplish.

Setting intentions have become a personal habit, they’ve made a happier person and ultimately are taking me into a clear direction to manifest my dreams of doing what I love for living–hand lettering.

I created this lettering design to remind me to set daily intentions to live by and turned it into my computer wallpaper to help me stay focus in the busyness of everyday life. Looking at this before starting with work or client commissions has helped approach my life and work from a place of revealing my potential by taking on projects that align with my personal visions.

If you are like me, a daily reminder can have a big impact in our lives specially if we are talking about our dreams. I’ve released this wallpaper to help you set intentions, achieve your wildest dreams and bloom! Give this wallpaper a download below:


Leo Gomez Studio


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Hand lettering sketches: